Friday, March 18, 2011

Attributes of a Spiritual Hero

The topic of a recent “Live the Promise” radio show* concerned attributes of spiritual heroes.  Participants in the show were asked to give four characteristics they felt were important.  While I was unable to participate either via phone or Facebook, it did get me thinking about what I feel are important attributes of my spiritual heroes:

1) Knowledge of God’s Word, and knowledge of God Himself.

2) The ability to speak the truth, in love, regardless of who may be offended.

3) An enthusiasm for God’s people.

4) Humility.  Always remembering Who is at the top.

There is something about these special heroes of the faith that is contagious, yet at the same time they always keep the focus on God.

What attributes do you think are important in your spiritual heroes?

*KTIS AM 900 in Minneapolis/St. Paul - no affiliation with the show, the host, nor the radio station, I’m just a listener. 

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