Friday, May 30, 2014

He's Always There

I've been a little worried about a doctor appointment I had this morning - not so much worried about the appointment itself, but how I was going to get there.  The last couple of times it was a 6-8 block walk from my parking spot to the office, typically not that big a deal unless you have plantar fasciitis and difficulty walking distances.  I've been saying little prayers for a parking spot within a couple of blocks, and imagine my surprise when I found the closest possible spot open and waiting for me!  In a sea of parked cars, the very best parking place was vacant.  As I was parking, still not quite believing it all, I heard a voice speak to my heart, saying, "My blessings for my people far exceed what they can imagine or ask for."

In everyday ways, God is at work for our best, in ways we can't see.  How many unsuccessful and disappointing job interviews have given way to us getting the perfect job in the perfect time?  Or having numerous obstacles standing in the way of something we really want, only to find something far better on the detour we were forced to take?  Or hearing of people who have gone through unspeakable situations, and come out of them far better than they went into them?  The bad, the good, and the seemingly unimportant things of everyday life are all used by God to bless us, and to build our faith.  We can trust what He's doing, and if it's a difficult situation, we can trust that He'll walk with us through it.  He's there.  He's watching.  And He cares.

How much more will He bless us in our eternal needs?!