Friday, July 24, 2015

Shooting, Shooting and More Shooting

It's no surprise to anyone that our society is becoming more and more agnostic/atheistic.  Some people see this as a good sign, others, not so much.  As I see it, there's a direct correlation with this tendency and the social situations we see now.

I never remember a time in the 1960s or 1970s where I feared getting shot at school.  I wasn't afraid to send my kids to school in the 1980s or 1990s, although the increasing disrespect showed to teachers, administrators and school employees in the later part of this time was disturbing.  Now, you can't even go to a movie or shopping mall without wondering if it'll be the last thing you do.  And if you do make it out of these events alive, will some person consumed with rage attack you on the way home?

We've had more and more children growing up without knowing God - what He commands from us as far as behavior and right thinking are concerned, and what He offers us in times of trouble and fear. Many parents are raising their children without the greatest asset they'll have in their young lives - a relationship with the God who is all-powerful and who loves them fiercely.  Let's face it, at some time or another we will all encounter really difficult or devastating situations in life that we can't do anything about - and sometimes things feel hopeless.  And ARE hopeless without God.  We've got kids growing up not knowing that the God who created the universe and every grain of sand in it, knows them intimately, loves them completely, and is intensely interested in every facet of their lives.  How can that not give a child a sense of self-worth unparalleled by anything the world has to offer?

I believe there are a lot of troubled youth and adults on this earth, who know no other way to deal with their unhappiness except taking their rage out on other people - whether its bullying, aggression on the roads or taking it to the ultimate extreme and taking lives.   Where there's less and less God, there's more and more evil.  And I hope it's not going to get worse before it gets better.